Cryogenic Ball Valve

Cryogenic Ball Valve
Connecting : Flanged end , RF
Drive : Pneumatic actuator
Suitable Presure: 15Mpa/150Bar

Product Details

ZFV Cryogenic ball valve.

Product features :

Type : Trunnion Ball Valve

Connecting : Flanged end , RF

Size and rate : 4’’ class 900

Full bore, 3piece body construct

Operating Torque : 1350/N.m

Face - face distance : 457mm

Finishing polish, no painting needed

Drive : Pneumatic actuator

Suitable Temperature : -29°C ~ 150°C

Suitable Presure: 15Mpa/150Bar

For tight shut off

Standard : API6D, API608

Packing: Plywooden case

Certificate : EN 3.1 certificate

Material : Body stainless steel ASTM A182 F316, Ball A182 F316, Stem A182 F316, Seat NYLON, bolts A320 L7 & A194 7

Standard : Design and manufacture API6D, face to face dimension ANSI B16.10, flange dimension ANSI B16.5, test and inspection API598

The cryogenic treatment of cryogenic ball valves shall be applied to the main components of any cryogenic valves at -101 ° C and below, or as required by the technical agreement. In this process, the main components include the valve body, bonnet, ball valve, valve seat, valve stem or valve sealing surface.

Before the roughing is completed, "cryogenic treatment" is carried out in a low temperature liquid nitrogen tank that is 100% immersed in -196 °C. Immerse the parts in a liquid nitrogen tank for adequate cooling. When the part temperature reaches -196 ° C, keep the temperature for 1-2 hours (or according to the requirements of the corresponding technical agreement), then remove the box and naturally heat to room temperature.

The purpose of "cryogenic treatment" is to eliminate the martensite transformation of the Cryogenic Ball Valve material and the sufficient shrinkage deformation of the material at ultra-low temperatures, thereby eliminating the potential hazards affecting the dimensional accuracy of the cryogenic valve seal. And improve the reliability of the valve under low temperature conditions.