EPDM Butterfly Valve

EPDM Butterfly Valve
Flange face :Rrised face
Suitable Presure: within 16Bar
Function : For shut off

Product Details

ZFV EPDM butterfly valve

Products features :

Type : Butterfly valve

Connecting : Double Flanged end

Size and rate : 12’’ class 150

Flange face :Rrised face

Operating Torque : 640/N.m

F-F dimension : 178mm

Finishing Painting color : Blue

Construct: Concentric type

Suitable Temperature : -29°C ~ 120°C

Suitable Presure: within 16Bar

Function : For shut off

Standard : API609

Packing: Plywooden case

Certificate : EN 3.1 certificate

Material : Body ASTM A216 WCB, Disc Nylon coated, Stem A182 F6a, Seat EPDM

Product selling point

EPDM Butterfly Valve disc materials are optional, such as nylon coated discs, galvanized coated discs, CF8 (SS304) discs, CF8M (SS316) discs, and the like. The choice of valve disc is determined by the customer's medium.

For pipes, usually, if it is not corrosive, galvanized sheets are fine. For corrosive services we can choose between 304 or 316 discs or nylon coated discs.

EPDM Butterfly Valve's seal seat includes NBR rubber, EPDM rubber and fluoro rubber. The temperature resistance of NBR and EPDM is about 80 ° C (maximum). The temperature resistance of Viton rubber is about 150 degrees Celsius. NBR rubber is also resistant to oil, EPDM rubber is resistant to aging, and Viton rubber is resistant to weak corrosion.