LUG Double Offset Butterfly Valve

LUG Double Offset Butterfly Valve

* Valve Size : 28''
* Pressure : Class 150
* Connection Type : Flange ends
* Operation : Manual gear box
* Torque : 17000/N.m
* Face to face length : 165mm

Product Details

Product Introduction

The LUG Double Offset Butterfly Valve is finished with a silver primer. Due to the full hole design and the placement of the groove when the disc is fully open, a larger flow rate and a smaller head/pressure drop are allowed. Test and inspection in accordance with BS 1868, ASME / ANSI B16.5, etc. This Valve is ideal for liquid fuels, diesel and oils.

Basic Information

* Valve Size : 28''

* Pressure : Class 150

* Connection Type : Flange ends

* Operation : Manual gear box

* Torque : 17000/N.m

* Face to face length : 165mm

* Valve Structure : Double offset

* Need Extended Stem : No

* Application : Industrial application

* Painting Color : Gray

* Seal Structure : Laminated stainless steel + graphite

* Suitable Temperature : -29°C ~ 280°C

* Suitale Pressure : PN<2.0Mpa

* Suitable service : Water Usage

* Provide Matching Flanges and bolts : Availale

* Material : body material carbon steel A216 WCB, disc material stainless steel, seal material laminated SS+graphite.

* Standard : Design and manufacture API 609

Face to face dimension API 609

End flanges dimension ANSI B16.5

Test & inspection as API 598

* Supplying Mode : OEM production & ZFV

* EN 10204-3.1 certificate : Yes

Product Features

1. LUG Double Offset Butterfly Valve is equipped with an eccentric tilting conical seat seal for low frictional resistance when squeezing the sealing surface. When closed, it gets tighter, so this makes the sealing performance reliable and the opening ensures a seal.

2. The special geometry makes the butterfly valve without other butterfly frame unsealed defects will be over-opened, thus ensuring a good surface seal.

3. The double eccentric butterfly valve structure can ensure that the valve is normally in a high pressure state, and overcomes the shortcomings of other valves which are easily leaked due to deformation when working under high pressure.


ZFV butterfly valves can be operated by manual levers, manual handwheels with gears, pneumatic actuators, electric actuators, hydrostatic actuators, etc.

The valve actuator is connected to the top flange of the valve. If the customer has no other requirements, the multi-turn valve shall be produced according to the standard ISO5210 and the partial rotary valve shall comply with the ISO5211 standard. The butterfly valve is part of a rotary valve.

The LUG Double Offset Butterfly Valve from ZFV uses the top flange standard ISO5210, 5211, which is an international standard and is validated by actuator manufacturers around the world. The customer can match the actuator (manmal, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic type) according to the standard size. In order to prevent the accident, it is best to confirm the following top flange dimensions or standards before purchasing the valve from ZFV.

Shipment Processing Site

The key to preventive maintenance of the valve is to repair the valve immediately when the valve leak is first discovered, because even in the case of very small damage to the sealing surface, the circulating medium can cause extensive damage to the sealing surface. Short time leads to expensive maintenance costs.

If the valve is not maintained in the case of maintenance, any leakage will cause very serious damage, which not only increases the difficulty of maintenance, but also often loses the possibility and value of maintenance. Therefore, for well-organized and well-managed valve repair work, not only should the relevant personnel have a corresponding understanding, but more importantly, preventive and maintenance measures, that is, regular inspection of the valve. For example, the seal of the valve relative to the outside, the sealing of the valve in the closed state, and the like.

In recent years, as each unit gradually initiated independent economic accounting and reduced costs, managers and front-line maintenance personnel gradually realized the importance of valve maintenance, because it can save considerable funds. However, valve repair here does not mean simple repairs, but also includes proper repair methods and excellent grinding repair equipment.