Wafer Double Offset Butterfly Valve

* Size : 2inch
* Pressure : ANSI 300#
* Connection Type : wafer ends
* Bare shaft wih top flange
* Torque : 245/N.m
* Face to face length : 43mm

Product Details


During the opening or closing of the valve, the disc sealing surface will gradually deviate and gradually press into the seat sealing surface, thereby reducing the mechanical wear and damage of the butterfly valve and the valve seat during opening or closing. For the Wafer Double Offset Butterfly Valve, when the disc is rotated from 0° to 8°-12°, the disc sealing surface will completely disengage from the seat sealing surface, reducing mechanical wear and crushing angular travel. Open or close the butterfly valve. As mechanical wear and extrusion are reduced, the sealing performance and service life of the butterfly valve will be greatly improved.

Product features :

* Size : 2inch

* Pressure : ANSI 300#

* Connection Type : wafer ends

* Bare shaft wih top flange

* Torque : 245/N.m

* Face to face length : 43mm

* Valve Structure : double offset

* Need Extended Stem : No

* Valve Suface color: Black

* Suitale Pressure : PN<50Bar

* Suitable Temperature : -29°C ~ 425°C

* Provide Matching Flanges and bolts : Availale in need

* Function : Shutoff & Regulation

* Material : body material carbon steel, disc material stainless steel, seal material laminated SS+graphite.

* Standard: Design and manufacture API609&ASME B16.34

Face to face dimension API609&ASME B16.34

End flanges dimension ASME B16.5

Testing as per API598

* Origin : Zhejiang Provice

* Supplying Mode : OEM production

* EN 10204-3.1 certificate : Yes

* Third Part Inspection : Acceptable

* Code : 8481804090

Standard for Wafer Double Offset Butterfly Valve:

*Design standard as per: API 609, ASME B16.34, GB/T12238, JB/T 8527.

*Small installation space, light weight, and maintenance friendly;

*Good sealing effect and long service life;

*Simple structure and small opening/closing torque;

*Good flow adjusting ability, high precision of flow characteristic curve and good dynamic adjustment stability;

*For soft seat the leakage rate: ANSI B 16.104 VI.

Regarding to ZFV valves packing:

1. Wafer Double Offset Butterfly Valves shall be carried out proper packing after painting( for stainless steel valve, which do not need painting, we shall do acid cleaning process to valve surface)

2. ZFV main packing include : plastic bag, foaming sheet, plywood case, fumigated wooden box, etc

3. ZFV general packaging procedure is as follows: For small size valves, wrap the valve with plastic bag and foam board, then put the valve into the box, and use some planks to separate the valves in the box. For larger sized valves, wrap the valves with foam plates and place them in the box. The block should be used under a weight reducing valve to secure the valve.

All valves in the box should be securely fastened. In this way, the valve and the box will not collide with each other during transportation, thus avoiding damage to the valve during transportation.

4. ZZFV can also package products according to customer's special requirements.


Brife Introduction  

1. High Performance Double offset butterfly valves are mainly suitable for drainage of water plants, power plants, steel mills, smelting, chemical industry, water source engineering, environmental facilities construction and other systems, especially for water pipelines, as regulating and closing equipment.            


2. The characteristic of midline butterfly valve is that the revolving center of the butterfly plate is located on the center line of the valve body and the sealing surface of the butterfly plate.            

The difference between them is that there is always friction between butterfly plate and seat during the opening process of midline butterfly valve. The rotating center of the butterfly plate of double eccentric butterfly valve deviates from the axis of pipeline and the sealing section. It does not contact with the sealing seat during the switching process and has no wear and tear. It only contacts the sealing seat at the moment of closing. It improves the service life and reduces the torque.            


3. Suitable for liquid and gas working conditions with temperature and pressure within the permission range of product design. It can also be used for special working conditions, including vacuum working conditions and oxygen working conditions