Bidirectional Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Bidirectional Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Bidirectional Triple Offset Butterfly Valve
* Operation : Pneumatic Actuator
* Actuator type :Single acting(spring return)
* Torque : 23960N.m

Product Details

Product Introduction

ZFV Bi-directional triple offset butterfly valve is a new product designed in recent years according to the development needs of the use situation. No matter which direction the medium comes from, the two-way sealed three eccentric butterfly valve sealing butterfly valve can be sealed.

The butterfly valve uses a high-performance composite sealing pair, or a surfacing alloy steel sealing pair, zero leakage, and long life. Bidirectional Triple Offset Butterfly Valve's sealing surface materials are alloy steel, polylactide, rubber, and PTFE seals; the connection method is flanged except for the clip type. The butterfly valve is suitable for food, beverage, medicine, chemical, etc., which require two-way sealing, frequent opening and closing, high reliability, pure pipelines and important pipelines in petrochemical, electric power, alloy, transportation, large-scale construction and other fields.

Products Details :

* Size : DN1200

* Pressure : PN16

* Connection Type : Double Flanged Ends

* Pressure type: Bi-directional

* Operation : Pneumatic Actuator

* Actuator type :Single acting(spring return)

* Torque : 23960N.m

* Face to face length : 470mm

* Valve Structure : Triple Offset

* Seal Structure : SS laminated with Gr

* Application : Chemical,System Pharmaceutical,Power and Oil.

* Accessory: with rings

* Suitable Temperature : -29°C ~ 375°C

* Suitale Pressure : PN≤1.6Mpa

* Material :

Body:stainless steel A351-CF8,

Disc:stainless steel A351-CF8,

Seal:laminated SS316 + graphite.


* Standard : Design and manufacture BS EN 593

* Origin : WENZHOU City

Product Features

*Bidirectional Triple Offset Butterfly Valve solves the problem of two-way sealing of metal hard seal butterfly valves with three eccentric structures.

*The butterfly plate adopts a truss type structure with good rigidity and small deformation.

* The sealing surface of the valve plate and the valve seat is an oblique conical structure, and the temperature-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloy material is deposited on the inclined conical surface of the valve plate.

*It adopts soft T-shaped multi-layer stainless steel sheets on both sides to form a sealing ring. It has the double advantages of metal hard seal and soft seal. It has zero leakage sealing performance under low temperature and high temperature conditions.

Nuts, spring washers, snap washers and split pins are commonly used on the Bidirectional Triple Offset Butterfly Valve to prevent the nut from loosening. The five common ways to prevent loosening of the nut connection are as follows:

1. Double nut locking

2. Compression of the spring washer

3. Clamping stop washer

4. Wing washer clamping

5. Open the pin to prevent loosening

Shipment workshop

Nowadays, the two-way sealing butterfly valve produced by many manufacturers adopts the same structural design as the ordinary one-way sealing butterfly valve, only increases the diameter of the valve stem and increases the thickness of the sealing ring. Although this structure can be sealed, it is limited to small diameter valves, and the flow rate in the pipeline is small. When the valve diameter is larger than DN300, the two-way sealing performance is unstable.