Big Size Butterfly Valve

Big Size Butterfly Valve

Big Size Butterfly Valve
* DN1800 Nominal Diameter
* PN6 Pressure Rate
* Double Flange ends type

Product Details


ZFV big size butterfly valve, which can fully ahieve zero leakage sealing. In a situation with variety of harsh, critical process control pipeline, we can use triple offset butterfly valve, which is safe in using and low cost in price.

Product Features:

* DN1800 Nominal Diameter

* PN6 Pressure Rate

* Double Flange ends type

* Triple offset disc desgin

* 5900/N.m Operating Torque

* 670mm FTF Dimension

* Prime Coating Color Blue

* Coating RAL NO. RAL9005

* Bare shaft with top flange , flange dimension conform ISO5211

* stainless steel 304 + Graphite laminated seal

* -29°C ~ 280°C Using Temperature

* For Shutoff function

* Design and manufacture EN593, Face to face dimension EN558, End flanges dimension EN1092-1, Test & inspection as EN12266-1

* Wenzhou city , ZJ province, China

* 3.1 certificate provided along with Materials

Material of Main Valve Part :


Part Name




A216 WCB



A216 WCB


Seat Seal




A276 410



Flexible Graphite

Product Description

1. The elasticity of the laminated metal seal gives the Big Size Butterfly Valve zero leakage performance.

2. Torque seal ensures that the valve remains in both directions

3. The rig angle rotation friction design is realized by the unique triple offset principle, which eliminates the friction when the valve seat and the seal ring rotate 90 degrees.

4. Sitali hard surface integrated seat can meet various working conditions, increase service life and convenient maintenance.

5.Big Size Butterfly Valve has built-in casting valve body, face-to-face size conforms to ISO5752, ASME B16.10, API609. The valve can be equipped with high-performance butterfly valve to provide easy and flexible installation.

6. The all-metal structure adds zero leakage performance, which makes the valve have fire safety characteristics.

7. Explosion-proof rod design is safe and reliable, fully meet the requirements of API609.

8. The valve position indicator on the rod and top mounting flange facilitates the disc position indication.

9. The butterfly valve stem adopts a through shaft structure, and the valve stem is connected with the valve block or the key group.


Steps to repair stem strain

1. Use a trowel to remove the burr of the stem. Use a spatula to machine the shallow depth of about 1 mm, then grind and roughen it with an abrasive cloth or an angle grinder, which will present a new metal surface.

2. Clean the surface with a metal cleaner so that the repaired surface is free of oil, dust and dirt.

3. Use a wear-resistant repair agent.

4. Detailed trimming.

Idle valve storage method

1) Regular maintenance:

The Big Size Butterfly Valve, which has been idling for a long time, should be inspected regularly and regularly maintained to prevent corrosion and damage to the valve. For valves that have been idle for too long, they can only be used after qualified stress tests on equipment, equipment and piping.

2) Protection:

To prevent collision of other objects, manual handling and disassembly, the moving parts of the valve should be fixed if necessary, and the valve should be packaged and protected.

3) Antiseptic treatment:

Remove the root of the package to prevent electrochemical corrosion of the valve stem, valve sealing surface, valve stem, stem nut, machined surface, etc., according to the specific circumstances, anti-rust agent, grease, paint parts should be coated with anti-rust paint.

4) Matching valve:

When the valve is missing, it cannot be removed to compensate for the defect. It should be equipped with valve components to create good conditions for the next use and to ensure that the valve is in good condition.

5) Cleaning the valve:

The inner cavity of the valve should be purged and cleaned. There should be no residue or aqueous solution. The outside of the valve should be cleaned and free from dirt, oil and dust.