Flange Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Flange Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Flange Triple Offset Butterfly Valve
Pressure:Class 150
Connection Type:Flange ends
Application:Industrial application

Product Details

Product Introduction

ZFV flange triple offset butterfly valve, which is triple offset design, can withstand up to 1500 LB level, temperature as low as -196 ℃, up to 700 ℃, sealed to zero leakage, control ratio up to 100: 1 or more. In other words, in a variety of harsh, critical process control pipeline, whether it is switch valve or control valve, the three eccentric butterfly valves will be your best choice, which is safe and low cost.

The valve main materials include 304, 304L, 316, 316L, A105, WCB,Hastelloy , Inconel, LC2, LC3,LCB, WC6, WC9, C5, 4A, 5A, Monel, nickel alloy, titanium alloy, 20 alloy steel etc.


Flange Triple Offset Butterfly Valve can be widely used in chemical, fertilizer, metallurgy, system Pharmaceutical, power, oil gas , steel works, wineries, paper mills, coal mines, aluminum plants, engineering, construction, municipal, HVAC,liquefied gas, food, water and other pipelines Imported devices.

Product Details

PressureClass 150
Connection TypeFlange ends
Operation Manual gear box
Cv figure in Full Open Position3780
Face to face length178mm
Painting ColorBlue
Painting Color RAL numberRAL9005
Suitable Temperature-29°C ~ 280°C
Suitale PressurePN<2.0Mpa

ApplicationIndustrial application
Valve StructureTriple offset
Seal StructureLaminated stainless steel + graphite
Need Extended StemNo
Suitable serviceWater , Oil and gas
Provide Matching Flanges and boltsAvailale

body material carbon steel A216 WCB, 

disc material stainless steel A351 CF8M,

seal material laminated SS316+graphite.

stem material A182 F316


Design and manufacture API 609

Face to face dimension API 609

End flanges dimension ANSI B16.5

Test & inspection as API 598

Supplying ModeOEM production
EN 10204-3.1 certificateYes

Our Advantages

*ZFVALVES is a modern enterprise who is professional in international standard valve research, design, manufacturing, sale, installation and service .

*Our Flange Triple Offset Butterfly Valve are mainly based on ISO, API, ANSI, BS, DIN NF, JIS, GB, JB and other standard production, nominal diameter 2"-80" (DN50-DN2000mm), pressure rating 150Lb-2500Lb (PN6-PN150), the operating temperature -196 degrees C, ~680 degrees.

*Main products of ZFV company include butterfly valve , globe valve, check valve, gate valve, ball valve and so on.

*Our products always be sold worldwide inlcude Middle Aast countries, Southeast countries, European countries, America countries , Africa countries and so on.


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                                             ZFV                                                OTHERS

ZFV triple offset butterfly valve, body and seat can be integral structure, seating surface surfacing cemented carbide, although reducing the cost of materials, but increased the difficulty of valve body processing. Before surfacing, the sealing surface of the valve seat should be roughly machined, and the thickness after roughing should ensure the thickness of the welding layer after finishing.            


Above is a comparison of ZFV seating seating surfacing with that of other manufacturers.            


The procedure of surfacing the sealing surface of ZFV seat is as follows:            

1. The wire number is Stellite 6.            

2. Welding wire shall be filament (diameter 3.2 mm or 4.0 mm)            

3. Argon Arc Welding (TIG)            

4. Surfacing thickness not less than 4.5 mm            

5. Preheating temperature 150-200 degrees Celsius            

6. The interlayer temperature is about 500 degrees Celsius, the number of surfacing layers is 2, the post-weld heat treatment temperature is 700 degrees Celsius, and the heat preservation time is 3 hours.            

7. Surfacing width according to design drawings            

8. No porous impurities or cracks are allowed in the surfacing layer.           

9. Hardness of weld layer HRC38-42            


Attention: Surface roughness of valve seat before surfacing is above Ra12.5 micron. Surface contamination such as rust, grease and water should be strictly cleared. No cracks, spalling and other defects should be allowed.