Metal-seated Butterfly Valve

* Butt weld end
* Class600
* Gear Operator
* Torpue:23800/N.m
* Service : water,oil&gas
* Origin : CHINA.
* With EN 10204-3.1 certificate

Product Details

Brief Introduction

The metal-seated butterfly valve is one kind of high performance valves.It takes from two or more layers of metal and non-sheet metal composite to made of sealing ring, the ring and bolts fixed on the butterfly plate.

The structure of the laminated metal hard seal butterfly valve,  due to the sealing ring on the non-metallic sheet of physical and chemical properties, can only be used to the general non-high temperature and non-high pressure and non-corrosive  conditions.

Basic Info.

*Butt weld end


*Gear Operator


*Service : water,oil&gas

*Origin : CHINA.

*With EN 10204-3.1 certificate

*Material :Body ASTM A105+STL overlay

*Disc A351-CF8

*Stem 17-4 PH

*Metal seat


Product Advantages

1.Since the sealing ring is made entirely of metal material, which greatly improves the service life of the Metal-seated Butterfly Valve.

2.Sealing material is made of metal , but not rubber and PTFE series,so our valve can adapt to wide temperature range, from -196 to 700 ℃.

3.Metal-seated Butterfly Valve can be used for wide range media such as particle material. This valve adopts two-stage stem design, which can reduce the flow resistance to valve in the pipeline.