Cast Steel Check Valve

Cast Steel Check Valve

* Size : 6''
* Pressure : Class 150LB
* Connetion :R.F ends
* Structure :swing type
* Body Material :casting steel WCB
* 13CR Trim Material
* Design standard : BS1868

Product Details

【Product Introduction】

Cast steel check valve: the disc is shaped type and rotates around the rotating shaft of the valve seat channel. Because the inner channel of the valve is streamlined, the flow resistance is smaller than other valves, so it is suitable for large caliber occasions with low flow rate and irregular flow.

【Product Details】

* Type : Swing type

* Connection:R.F ends

* Nominal diameter : 6inch (DN150)

* Nominal pressure : Class 150LB

* Bonnet Bolted

* Single disc type

* Application : Water supply system, petroleum, chemical industry,etc

* Installed in horizontal, vertical or sloping pipeline

* Painting : RAL5005

* Working Temperature : -29°C ~ 250°C

【Installation Notes】

1.In the pipeline system, do not let the valve to bear the weight.

2.The big size check valves should be independently supported so that they are not affected by the pressure generated by the piping system.

3.During installation, pay attention to the direction of medium flow and the arrow direction marked on the valve body.

4.The combination of check valve and stop valve can play the role of safety isolation.

5.Shall be installed on horizontal pipeline.

ZFV adopts the international standard for product design, absorbs the excellent design structure from abroad, and carries out product test and performance inspection strictly according to the international standard.


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