Class 300LB Swing Type Check Valve

Class 300LB Swing Type Check Valve

* Size : 12inch
* Pressure : Class 300LB
* Connetion :R.F ends
* Structure :swing type
* Material :stainless steel
* Design standard : BS1868

Product Details

【Product Introduction】

ZFVALVES Swing check valve also known as one-way valve or non return valve, its role is to prevent the medium flow back in the pipeline. The opening and closing parts open or close automatically by the medium flow and force to prevent the reverse flow of medium.Check valve is an automatic valve, which is mainly used in the pipeline with one-way flow of medium. This kind of valve should be installed horizontally in the pipeline.

【Product Details】

* Swing type check valve

* Operation : automatic valve

* Face to face length : 711mm

* Connection:R.F ends

* Swing type / Full port

* Bonnet Bolted

* Application : pipeline valve application

* Painting : Stainless steel color

* Working Temperature : -29°C ~ 250°C

* Body : A351-CF8 

* Trim :SS304

* Packing : Plywooden case


【Product Advantages】

1.The swing check valve manufactured by ZHEJIANG ZHENGFENG VALVES. adopts the swing type structure with built-in rocker arm.

2.All the opening and closing parts of the valve are installed inside the valve body and do not penetrate the valve body, there is no external leakage point on the whole, so as to eliminate the possibility of valve leakage.

3.The connection of rocker arm and disc of swing check valve adopts spherical connection structure, which makes the valve disc have certain degree of freedom within 360 degree range and appropriate micro position compensation.

4.The main materials of swing check valve produced by our company include 304, 304L, 316, 316L, A105, WCB, Hastelloy, LC2, LC3, LCB, C4, 2205, 2507, c95800, etc.


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