ANSI standard flange is different from normal Chinese standard & DIN standard flange.

- Mar 27, 2018-

ASME B16.5 only specifies requirement of diameter less than or equal to DN600. and ASME B16.47 specifies the flange dimension for size larger than DN600, which standard is divided into A, B series, the size of the connection is not the same, including the outside diameter of flange, center distance, hole quantity, diameter of hole, flange thickness, etc..

1. Comparing ASME B16.47 B series, A series flange have larger outside diameter of flange, thicker flange thickness, less hole quantity, so the A series flange is heavrier in weight, and more expensive in price.

2. B series flange have smaller outside diameter of flange, thinner flange thickness,larger hole quantity, smaller flange hole diameter, so the weight is lighter, and price is cheaper. ZFV a professional manufacturer in ASME/ANSI/API Standard butterfly valve, our company can produce both ASME B16.5 and ASME B16.47  including the A series and B series of flanged butterfly valve, pressure range of production includes 150LB-900LB.Valve construct include laminated seal triple offset type, metal to metal triple offset type, bi-directional seal triple offset type, soft seat three eccentric type.