Application Principle and Characteristic Analysis of Desulfurization Butterfly Valve

- Nov 02, 2017-

1, air pollution, sulfur dioxide is an important pollutant, and more than 60% of sulfur dioxide pollutants from industrial flue gas emissions. With the gradual improvement and improvement of environmental standards in our country, as well as the improvement of national environmental awareness, China's future industrial emissions of flue gas must be desulfurization treatment. Flue gas desulfurization device is one of the important components of the valve, the requirements for the desulfurization valve is both resistant to chloride, oxide, acid, but also harsh abrasive wear and mud erosion and corrosion. The correct choice of valve material and structure, to extend the life of the valve is the key to flue gas desulfurization butterfly valve.

2, in a large number of industrial or power areas need to have a complete set of desulfurization system.At present, the international use of limestone - gypsum wet method, a furnace a tower desulfurization device, the desulfurization device desulfurization efficiency can reach 95.5%. Limestone slurry system after desulfurization pipeline after the media will appear strong corrosive, the entire pipeline system and fluid control valves and valve actuators have a very high demand. Desulfurization special butterfly valve is designed for the special requirements of desulfurization system.