China's valve industry development momentum is good

- Nov 02, 2017-

First, the new materials and new technologies and new technology in a timely manner to the valve products with the progress of technology, industrial production of high temperature, high pressure, deep cold, high vacuum, strong corrosion, radioactive, highly toxic, flammable and explosive parameters More and more complex conditions, so the use of the valve safety, functional reliability and service life and other aspects of a higher and more stringent requirements, so the development of high-parameter conditions for the development of various types of valves. Particularly worth mentioning is that industrial ceramics as the representative of the inorganic non-metallic materials, for temperature and corrosion resistance to erosion of the valve, often get good results.

Second, the integration of information technology, artificial intelligence technology into the valve, to achieve the integration of the valve as a control pipe in the fluid movement of the terminal implementation agencies, if you can modern computing technology, sensor technology, network and remote control technology and intelligent technology into the valve Products will be given to the valve to a new concept, resulting in completely different from the original product of the new structure and working mechanism to achieve the real upgrading of the valve products.