Design features of Nylon Coated Disc Type Butterfly Valve

- Jun 05, 2018-

Design features of Nylon Coated Disc Type Butterfly Valve

1. The nylon coated disc no pin type butterfly valve has excellent anti-friction and self-lubricity performance, and its operating torque is reduced by 40% comparing with ordinary butterfly valves.

2. The wear-resistance of the sealing surface is very good (wear-resistance of Nylon is seven times that of copper), which can significantly enhance the service life of the butterfly valve. Comparing with ordinary concentric butterfly valves, the service life can be extended by 3 times.

3. Nylon material is not toxic, and this material have good performance of anti-bacterial and anti-mildew. It meets the environmental protection requirements that people increasingly pay attention.

4. Nylon has excellent alkali and salt resistance, it is also resistance to weak acid attack, inert to organic compounds, and wide adaptability.

5. The advanced no-pin designensures that the service in pipeline and metal body are completely isolated, and improved the reliability of the product . The maintenance of the butterfly valve become simple and easy, saving time and labor.

6. The butterfly valve can be used in service same as stainless steel butterfly valve , but price is far lower than stainless steel valves, which can significantly reduce the project cost.

7. Flange connection dimension of the butterfly valve meets the requirement of existing international butterfly valve standards.

8. Nylon coating can prevent the growth of fungi, while corrosion resistance can withstand 2000 hours of salt spray test, 10-year seawater immersion test, while also preventing UV irradiation and impact, and has a small coefficient of friction.

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