Flange Dimension of Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

- Jun 25, 2018-

Flange Dimension of Triple Offset Butterfly Valve


Nominal diameter of triple offset butterfly valve can be from 2’’ ( DN50 ) to 80’’ ( DN 2000 ) , even larger size. How should conside the flange dimension ?

Generally according to relative standards , plus according to customer’s requirement .


Take API/ANSI triple offset butterfly valve as sample:

For triple offset butterfly valve nominal diameter 2’’ to 24’’ , the flange dimension can accordance with standard ANSI B16.5 .

For butterfly valve nominal diameter 26’’ to 60’’, the flange dimension can be according to ANSI B16.47. Two series are available by this standard : A series, and B series. A series flange has larger hole diameter, smaller hole numbers and thicker flange, comparing B series. Which series flange to be adopt, depend on customer’s requirement.

For butterfly valve nominal diameter larger than 60’’, can refer to standard AWWA/ANSI C207, which include valve size till 144’’ .


Beside above standard, if customer have any requirement about flange dimension, dimension shall be produced according to customer’s requirement.


For some triple offset butterfly valve who have special nominal diameter which do not mentioned on standard, such as butterfly valve 62’’, which do not mentioned on standard AWWA C207, generally we suggset data of nearest size valve in standard, provide butterfly valve long with matching pipe flanges to customer, so that customer can install the valve to pipe flange more conveniently.  


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