Low Temperature Impact Test

- Apr 23, 2018-

Low Temperature Impact Test ( Sharpy Impact Test )

Sharpy Impact Test: Put the specimen with special shape, dimension, notch type, and temperature according to standard, to supporting seat of impact testing machine, use pendulum where in certain height to impact the specimen to be breaken, then measure absorbed energy of specimen.

The general procedure to process the testing :

1. Prepare the specimen, cut the raw material to special shape according to material standard. Generally it’s a recangle shape, cross section dimension 10*10 or other mentioned on standard. The notch is “V” shape.

2. Check the specimen, especially check the notch type.

3. Keep specimen become low temperature as standard mentioned. Take sample, for material ASTM A350 LF2 CL1, it should be -46 ℃ according to standard.

4. Turn on impact testing machine, adjust machine.

5. Put specimen in proper position to testing machine. Unlock and take pendulum in height position.

6. Make pendulum drop to impact specimen and break it, then read te energy as per software of computer.

7. Present the testing report.

ZFV butterfly valve use raw material full meet requirement of standard such as ASTM DIN . We have varied material A216 WCB, A352 LCB, A350 LF2, A351 CF8M, A351 CF8, A351 CF3M, A351 CF3, A351 CF8C, A351 CN7M, etc. 

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