Present Situation and Development Prospect of Valve Standard

- Nov 02, 2017-

The 20th century, the sixties and sixties, China's valve standardization work started, the development of the JB93-59 "handle" and JB308-62 "valve model preparation method" and other simple basic standards.

80 years later, with the standardization of our work to strengthen the valve standard has been rapid development. Criteria developed during this time include basic standards, product standards, material standards and method standards. Standard range, covering a wide range, and many standards used in international standards and foreign advanced standards.

90 years, the valve standard from the basic, versatile to include a variety of product standards, method standards, the number of standards more than 100.

After 2000, standardized work has made substantial progress. First of all to the longer standard of the standard had a normal revision; followed by the development of a large number of international standards or foreign advanced standards of China's valve standards; at the same time developed a number of market demand and reflect the new standards of the valve standard. This period of the system to amend the valve more than 80 standard, so that the number of standards to more than 140, which formed China's valve standard system.