Rubber Lined Butterfly Valve

- May 04, 2018-

Rubber lined butterfly valve is use rubber to lined on the surface of base material such as body and disc.

They are widely used in industry, water project etc, because this kind valve have these features : Concentric design of body, stem and disc easy to produce and maintain; Compact structure and light weight, convenient to install and operate; lined body especial full lined both body and disc to make this kind valve corrosive-resisted; cost is lower than stainless steel material butterfly valve.

Generally there are two constructs of rubber lined butterfly valve:

A. Full-lined buterfly valve. Both disc and valve body rubber lined.

B. Semi-lined butterfly valve. Normally body seat rubber lined, disc is not. Sometimes customer request only disc lined, body seat is not.

Semi-lined valve often is used for service without corrosive such as water, oil and gas etc.

For stronge corrosive service, semi-lined valve is not proper since the metal body will be damaged quickly by corrosive service, which cause body leakage. Full lined valve is better choice, the lined rubber ( upper metal body, disc and shaft ) will contact service directly, and rubber is corrosive-resisted, so valve will be worked in pipeline for long time.

General lined rubber material include EPDM, NBR, Viton, PO, NR etc.

Due to the lined material limitation, this kind of butterfly valve used in temperature not higher than 150 degree C.

ZFV provide rubber lined butterfly valves to meet request for different temperatures, services etc.


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