ZFV Triple eccentric butterfly valve application

- Jul 04, 2018-

ZFV Triple eccentric butterfly valve application

With the continuous development of valve technology, the performance of various valves has also been greatly improved, and new types of valves have emerged. It is necessary for us to continuously learn new technologies and new experiences and use them in production practice to achieve Improve the purpose of improvement. Among the new valves, the triple offset butterfly valve is striking. ZFV is professional triple offset butterfly valve manufacturer, ZFV valves are widely used petrochemical , power plant, LNG, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, heating areas. ZFV butterfly valve has below advantages: 

1. As we all know, API609 has in fact become an international specification for valves used in industrially important pipelines. ZFV valve is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the new version of API609. What's more, the basic design of our butterfly valve is not limited to one API specification. BS5155, EN593, ANSIB16.34, ASMESECVIII and other major specifications can correspond.

2. The ZFV triple offset butterfly valve can realize bi-directional sealing, and can be pressed in both forward and reverse directions, and no internal leakage occurs when the pressure is applied in forward or reverse direction.

3.General valve companies claim to have a fire safe structure, but most of them use a soft + metal double seat structure to reduce the leakage. In fact, this is dangerous because the non-combustion of the soft-sealed seat will cause the metal to support the seat. The stress is generated and the temperature difference is deformed, which leads to the failure of the fire-resistant function. Therefore, in Europe and the United States, such a nameless fire-resistant valve is gradually being eliminated. Because it is a zero leak, it does not require the help of a soft seal. It is a veritable essential refractory structure.




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