Ball Valves With True Metal-to-metal Sealing System

- Jun 26, 2018-

Ball valves with true metal-to-metal sealing system


Ball valve manufacturing technic keep developing, not only for soft seated ball valve, but also for metal to metal seated ball valve, in world wide range high formance ball valves can increase operational safety and reduce maintenance effort in highly demanding process conditions. Designed for customer specific needs, they are available for temperatures from -200 degree C up to +550 degree C, aggressive media and high cycle applications.


The metal to metal seat sealing between the ball and seat meet leakage rates A level and 0 leakage, which ensures longer usng life and minimum maintenance. Because these long mainernance cycles, significant time , which also save the costs .

Ball valve special design and safety points such as Double block and bleed ( DBB ) and Double isolation and bleed ( DIB ) also fire safety desgin , these ensure extra safety of valve using.


The high performance ball valves are installed and used world wide with media like oil, gas, pure oxygen and hydrogen, steam, thermal water as well as abrasive and degreasing media.

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