Butterfly Valve 300LB Triple Offset Type Stainless Steel

- Dec 01, 2019-

ZFV Butterfly valve 300LB triple offset type stainless steel finished and ready for shipment .  .   


Below technical data for reference :

Nominal size 8inch, pressure rate 300LB, connecting type LUG end, the pipe flange as per ANSI B16.5, three eccentric consturct. The valve is used for on-off function. Material of valve is austenic stainless steel: body ASTM A351 CF8M, disc ASTM A351 CF8M, seal on disc graphite plus SS316 laminated, body seat facing SS316, operation worm gear box with handwhee. Beside PTFE seat sealing, three eccentric butterfly valve also can be laminated seal SS layers plus graphite. Which can be used in higher temperature and higher pressure than PTFE seat sealing.


The techinical standards refer to :

Design and manufactured according to API609 , face to face length according to API609 Cat. A , flange drilling according to ANSI B16.5, test and inspection according to API598. pressure and temperature rate according to ASME B16.34.


Customer do not have any special requirement about painting, so for this austenic stainless steel valve , we do not apply painting. Use the general worm gear box and the color is same as body which is silver.

The three eccentric butterfly vlave was tested strictly as per API598, do not find visual leakage during hydro testing and air testing, dimemsion checking and function checking result is ok .

The detail value of testing pressure as below :

1.5 times by PN which is 7.5Mpa by hydrostatic ( water ) for shell testing.

1.1 times by PN which is 5.5Mpa by hydrostatic ( water ) for high pressure closure testing.

0.6Mpa by air testing for for low pressure closure testing.


ZFV ( Zhejiang zhengfeng valve co., ltd ) produce various kind of materials butterfly valves, to meet different requirements of customer over the world. If any question or enquire, look foward to contact our sale department for professional proposal .


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