China's Largest Public Oil And Gas Pipeline Construction Start

- May 21, 2018-

China's largest public oil and gas pipeline construction start

Pipeline Design Institute of China Petroleum Pipeline Co., Ltd. disclosed on the 18th that the construction ceremony of the Lushan Oil and Gas Public Pipeline designed by the institute was held today.


As per the reports, this project is currently the largest one in China with the largest number of pipeline media and the most complicated pipeline projects .

According to reports, the project is located in Laoshan District, Rizhao City, Shandong Province, and it now has two types of opening ports and one provincial-level development zone in two countries. It has abundant offshore oil resources and excellent port resources. It is planned by the Shandong provincial government as Lunan. Linhai Industrial Zone Provincial Comprehensive Reform and Testing Zone is an important part of Lunan Lingang Industrial Clusters in Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, and also an important coastal “the Belt and Road” opening port.

The transportation methods such as road vehicle transportation and railway transportation in Shaoshan Port have limited the capacity of inflammable, explosive and toxic oil products and chemical products, and there are problems such as insufficient capacity, high security risk, and easy congestion. The further development of the park. Combining with the status quo and future development plans of the Shaoshan Chemical Industrial Park, the Shandong Provincial Government decided to build an oil and gas public gallery.



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