China's Valve Industry Has Become The World First And More Than Four Fast

- Jan 08, 2018-

On December 9, the secretary-general of China Valve Association Song Yinli made a keynote speech entitled "Development Trend of Valve Industry" at the Fifth Conference of Jiangsu Valve Association.

Secretary-General Song first introduced the situation of the national valve industry: "After the founding of New China began to develop the valve industry, and gradually become a valve world power. At present, China's valve industry has not only become the" world first ": the production area of the world first, equipment level world First, the world's first production capacity, the world's first valve production, the market demand in the world, overcapacity in the world. And is the "four more than three fast": the largest number of enterprises, employing the most employees most orders, the type of production The fastest delivery, the fastest valve development, the fastest growing industry with annual sales of 300 billion yuan, a number of major new equipment development of major equipment also made a breakthrough.

 China's valve industry has become the "world first" and "more than four fast"

Song Secretary-General analyzed the development of the national valve industry this year, production and sales have picked up:

   ① January to September 2017 valve production reached 6.79 million units, an increase of 4.18% over the same period of last year;

   ② Valve main business income 196 billion yuan (48.7% in Jiangsu, Zhejiang 43.1%), an increase of 10.22%;

   ③ Realized profits of 12.9 billion yuan, an increase of 12.93% over the same period of previous year.

   ④ valve unit 1759, 174 loss, loss of 540 million yuan, loss share of 9.9%;

   ⑤ 196 billion yuan of sales, of which 43.756 billion yuan, accounts receivable 22.3% not in place, there are at least 29.196 billion yuan of stock funds stranded; capital turnover cycle rate is low, the prevailing financial pressure on enterprises.

  Then Secretary General Song analyzed the potential market for valve products:

First, the low oil prices for doing petrochemical valve business is undoubtedly a negative factor, resulting in orders sharply down, the growth is expected to be unsustainable.

Second, conventional thermal power industry will be sluggish in a period of time. Therefore, conventional thermal power matching valve market growth sluggish, focusing on maintenance and import substitution.

Third, the nuclear power industry from the current situation, the progress of the delay of a number of new projects waiting for approval to start construction, nuclear power valve market worth the wait; infrastructure and water industry supporting the valve market, will get greater development; valves tend to be more specialized, More standardized management, competition will be more intense.

At the same time to do several aspects of the work:

1. Insist on innovation, innovate and perfect from management, technology and service;

      2. To do the valve castings and forgings supporting services, is to continuously improve and improve the quality of the supply chain, including product quality and price delivery;

      3 pairs of products and services, always adhere to the quality of their own businesses and customers are responsible for;

      4 focus on environmental protection work, that is, including the current national situation, homework safety, etc .;

      5. To list the power plant industry situation by the policy restrictions, will be depressed for some time, we must re-focus on the transfer of technology to new areas as a breakthrough.

He suggested that in the future, valve distribution should be market-oriented, the establishment of production and marketing network; customer-focused, to create a new environment for sharing; to enterprises as the mainstay to build a lean new system; industry-based line. Construction of industrial support chain; relying on the team to create high-quality service providers; Association as a platform to promote new achievements in the industry.

Finally, he analyzed the main trends in the development of the industry are: users to guide the competition rules and environmental rectification phase out a number of backward enterprises; foreign capital to participate in the integration of incubation leading enterprises; quality and service more and more social attention; the development of high-end new products as business development Motivation; industrial restructuring to gradually accelerate the industry to reshuffle; intelligent transformation and network economy to promote the development of the industry.

He finally hoped: As long as we all work together, our country will certainly be able to become a valve world power!

ment Trend of Valve Industry" at the fifth meeting of the Eighth Jiangsu Valve Association.