Different Between Concentric , Double Eccentric, Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

- Oct 15, 2019-

Butterfly valves are similar to ball valves, but there are several key points. They are small and open and close quickly when pneumatically activated. The disc is lighter than the ball, and the structural backing of the valve is less than that of the ball valve at the same distance. Butterfly valves are very precise, which makes them very valuable in modern applications. They are really strong and hardly need maintenance. Butterfly valves are eccentric and concentric. The eccentricity type can be single eccentric, double eccentric or triple eccentric. In business, the most accessible type of eccentric is double or triple eccentric. Several times this secondary butterfly valve is also known as the elite butterfly valve. There are three kinds of changes in butterfly valves (concentric, double offset and triple offset). Under what circumstances should we use concentric, double offset or triple offset?


In fact, let's see the difference between concentric butterfly valve, triple eccentric butterfly valve and double eccentric butterfly valve. Concentric butterfly valve is a standard or general butterfly valve. The stem is in the middle of the disc. During opening or closing, some parts of the disc constantly contact or friction the seat. This process will cause the seat to encounter a grille at each valve operation. In factory operation, the concentric butterfly valve is limited to Class 150 due to its seat profile.


Advantages of double offset butterfly valve: double offset butterfly valve is a valve with two balancing contrasts and concentric butterfly valve. The main equilibrium point is a stem, which is not in the middle of the disc, but behind the circle. This balance will allow the valve to have a constant fixed surface on the circle. The second equilibrium point is the magnetic pole not placed in the funnel, which is fixed in the right half of the focus. This balance will keep the valve completely open without touching the seat at all (see the description below). This scheme will make the seat encounter fewer gratings than the concentric sequencing butterfly valve, thus delaying its service life. In general applications, this double balanced butterfly valve is limited to class 600.


Advantages of Triple eccentric butterfly valve: Triple eccentric butterfly valve is very important in applications requiring airtight closure. In some applications, double balanced butterfly valves can not be used to achieve airtight closure. Some applications are not suitable for traditional butterfly valves, such as some applications, including barbaric chemicals or media containing small amounts of particles that can hinder valves and pipes. In these types of applications, the triple offset technology provides huge profits.


Triple eccentric butterfly valve is a valve with three balanced contrast and concentric butterfly valve. The triple balance has the same balance as the double offset butterfly valve. In addition to an additional balance, the triple balance has the same balance, which is a funnel-shaped seat. The tapered seat will match the same plate made to match the seat. This plan will allow the seat to be closed or opened without friction or friction. Compared with double offset butterfly valves, the game plan will also make the valves air-tight in high-weight applications and have longer service life.


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