DN800 Bi-directional Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

- Sep 11, 2019-

ZFV DN800 PN25 triple offset butterfly valve BW end are ready for delivering .


The detail data as below :

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve, DN800, PN25, gear operated, BW ends, bi-directional seal, material body material carbon steel A216 WCB, disc carbon steel A216 WCB, and shft stainless steel SS410, seal laminated stainless steel 316 + graphite, packing graphite, bearing Stainless steel.


The butterfly valve is designed and manufactued as per standard GB/T12238. ZFV also have butterfly valve with standard API, EN, GOST, DIN and so on.


The butterfly valves are carbon steel, which be use for water projection. The valve tested strictly as per standard, where request no visible leakage inside and outside of valve.


The butterfly valve coated by blue color painting. And internal body be coated with an easily removable rust inhibitor.


The valve is bi-directional seal , which request by customer.

So , is there a direction for the installation of the three eccentric butterfly valves? Can you achieve zero leakage in both the forward and reverse directions?


1. There are flow arrows on the valve body of the three eccentric butterfly valve, preferably installed in the direction of the arrow, which can reach 0 leakage;


2. The seal between the valve seat of the three eccentric butterfly valve and the sealing surface of the valve plate is achieved by the torque of the transmission device pressing the valve plate against the valve seat. When the flow medium is downstream, the higher the medium pressure, the tighter the sealing extrusion is. The better the seal;


3. Although there is a two-way sealing butterfly valve, it can meet the sealing requirements in both positive and negative directions under the specified pressure level, but the main sealing surface can bear higher pressure on one side, so that the sealing performance is better.


Zhejiang zhengfeng valve co., ltd is a professional valve manufacturer, producing variety kind of butterfly valve with carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, alloy steel, etc . 

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