Electric Actuated Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

- Sep 17, 2018-

Electric actuated butterfly valves are widely used in Petrochemical industry, power plant, metallurgical industry, chemical plant, etc. Electric actuator to be usd as valve program controlling, automatic controlling and remote controlling. 


Electric actuators are an important part of the electrical control system. It receives 4~20mADC signal from the electrical controller and converts it to the appropriate force / torque, running the adjustment mechanism to continuously regulate the fluid flow in the pipeline during production. beside this, electric actuated butterfly valve can also adjust materials, energy, etc. to achieve automatic adjustment during the production process . The electric actuator consists of two parts: an electric actuator and an adjustment mechanism. Adjustment devices for various regulating valves or other similar functions are collectively referred to as adjustment mechanisms.


Electric actuated valve include part-turn type, angular-turn type, multi-turn type electric actuators.Electric actuated butterfly valve belong to part-turn type valve. 

Manual operating can be used as option for electric actuator, when the operator's switch involves the "Manual" position, the serve motor's power supply can be directly controlled by the operator's forward and reverse operation buttons, and the output shaft can be operated in three states: positive, negative, and reverse.

In addition, manual operation can be performed on site by turning the handle of the actuator. The electric actuator is controled by signal 4 ~ 20 m adc, which is based on the force of the two-phase induction servo motor position servo mechanism. According to different adjustment mechanisms, there are different output modes, composition and working principle. The various electrical structures are identical. The only difference is that the different reducers.

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