Features Of Thermostatic Valve

- Mar 13, 2021-

Features of thermostatic valve

Features of bath thermostatic valve:

1. Easy to install, only need to connect the hot and cold water pipes, it will automatically adjust the constant temperature water. 

2. The temperature is adjustable, especially suitable for the elderly and children. 

3. When the cold water or hot water single pipe is cut off, the water can be automatically stopped instantly to prevent scalding and cold. 

4. When the cold and hot water distribution pressure and water temperature change, it can instantly automatically adjust and automatically compensate for the water that always flows out of the set temperature. 

5. There is a one-way valve inside, which can prevent the cold and hot water from suddenly running together.

Features of radiator thermostatic valve:

1. The thermostatic valve thermostat design is small and exquisite, the external curve is soft and smooth, and the set value is displayed clearly. It can be easily linked with a variety of radiator thermostatic valve bodies to accurately and efficiently realize the temperature control of the radiator system .

2. The thermostatic valve body has exquisite design, low valve resistance and strong flow capacity. It is suitable for the water quality of my country's heating system, and can be used for horizontal single and dual energy pipe systems and traditional vertical series systems.

(1) The valve body is made of forging process with gorgeous appearance;

(2) Designed according to the characteristics of fluid mechanics, with excellent flow regulation performance;

(3) The connection with the radiator adopts a hard-sealed connection, and there is no leakage;

(4) The valve body with special flow coefficient and preset flow coefficient can be customized according to customer requirements.