Forged Ball Valve Class 1500

- Aug 25, 2019-

ZFV forged steel ball valve 6'' class 1500 type trunnion mounted pass the testing and inspection, ready for delivering


Refer to below photo, the main factors as below :

Ball valve, 6'' 1500LBS, ANSI B16.5, flanged type with RTJ, the valve is full bore, three piece body construct, DBB, firesafe design, anti-static device, blowout-proof stem.

The ball valve have grease injection on position valve stem and two valve seat, also have vent valve on up of body and drain plug on bottom of valve body, The valve operated by worm gear.

Main part material: body and side connectors ASTM A105, ball AISI 316, stem AISI 316, seat A182 F316+PEEK, stem packing with material graphite. 


The ball valve design standard API6D, valve face to face length standard ANSI B16.10, valve flange dimension standard  ANSI B16.5, test and inspection standard API6D .


Duo to no requirement about painting from customer, valve paint is carried out by general standard: two lays system, epoxy prime coating plus finishing coating. The ball valve tested ok according to standard API6D procedure, by water and air, function run also ok. 


The DBB ( double block and bleed ) design. When the valve in  fully closed or fully open position, each seat seals off the process medium independently at the same time between the up/down stream and body cavity; it allows bleeding of the cavity pressure through drain or vent valve.

This DBB feature permits in-line periodic inspection of the valves and the  checking of sealing  integrity when the valve is installed in line.


ZFV valve company provide valve with various type ball valve, include floating ball valve, trunnion mounted ball valve, casted and forged steel ball valve, full welded ball valve, etc. Welcome customers from countries over the world .  

 ball valve 6in 1500LB A105_副本

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