Gate Valve Principle

- Jun 03, 2020-

Gate valve, also known as gate valve, is a widely used valve. Its closing principle is that the sealing surface of the gate and the sealing surface of the valve seat are highly smooth and uniform, and fit each other to prevent the medium from flowing through, and rely on the shape of the top mold, spring or gate to enhance the sealing effect. It mainly plays a cutting role in the pipeline.

    Its advantages are: low fluid resistance, energy saving when opening and closing, can be used in the case of bidirectional flow of the medium, no directionality, the sealing surface is not easy to erode when fully opened, and the structure length is short, not only suitable for small valves, but also suitable for making Big valve.

    Gate valves are divided into two types according to the thread of the valve stem, one is the open rod type, and the other is the hidden rod type. According to the structure of the gate, there are two types, one is parallel and the other is mode.