General Applications Of Butterfly Valves

- Aug 10, 2019-

General applications of butterfly valves  


It’s very important to choose right valve to regulate or shut off the fluid flow. Because butterfly valve has simple but effective construct, relative low cost and low-maintainance cost, this kind valve is one of the best valve. Here are four general applications for butterfly valves:


1  Shut-off Application

Butterfly valve is one of best choice for a general shut off valve . Butterfly valve’s simple construct design make the valve can achieve the tighter seal by lower cost in space and power .


2  Ships / Buildings

Butterfly valves are widely used in ships since this kind valve have excellent durability in saltwater , which can provide water-tight shutoff in the piping system of a ship. The small construct of butterfly valve allows the valve work as tight seal on ship board where not big space. The valve can be used for jack-up rigs, ballast systems, ship side, and other application. The valve top flange can be produced as per ISO-5211, and work as pnewmatic actuator, electric and hydraulic actuator.


3  Refineries, Oil/Gas, Upstream, Midstream, Downstream

Many kind of valves are used in refineries section, include butterfly valve. These are typically used the more High-Performance valve with steel body or triple offset, which is inherent “Fire Safe” and bubble tight. Many applications on water etc. can use the resiliently seated version. Regardless of the application, the high performance and triple offset butterfly valve have the same pressure and temperature specifications as a ball or gate valve, at a fraction of the cost, either manual or automated.


4  Food Production/ Breweries/ Dry Powder

Buterfly valves are one of most useful valve on many area in the market . Their simple design, high durability, and low maintenance cost make them an ideal valve to regulate fluid flow in any piping system. In the food processing sector needs to be used, the preference seems to be a ri-rubber seat. there are many on the market that are with sanitary connections in and out. Butterfly valve in these section should have the body material Epoxy coated iron or Nylon coated iron or Bronze, stainless steel such as 304SS, and 316SS.


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