In The Application Of The Valve How To Use Low-temperature Valve Material?

- Nov 02, 2017-

First, as the first valve for more than 10 years to introduce the valve manufacturers to introduce the low temperature valve design requirements:

Depending on the conditions of use, the design of the cryogenic valve has the following requirements:

1) The valve should have the ability to work for a long time in low temperature medium and ambient temperature.

2) The valve should not be a significant heat source for the cryogenic system. This is because the heat flow in addition to reducing thermal efficiency, such as the inflow of too much, but also the rapid evaporation of internal fluid, resulting in abnormal pressure, causing danger.

3) Low temperature media should not adversely affect handwheel operation and packing seal performance.

4) The valve assembly in direct contact with the cryogenic medium shall have an explosion-proof and fireproof structure.

5) The valve assembly working at low temperatures can not be lubricated, so structural measures are required to prevent friction