In What Conditions Choose Gate Valve And Butterfly Valve

- Nov 02, 2017-

In recent years, many domestic valve manufacturers, developed, imitation soft seal gate valve, this gate valve than the traditional wedge or parallel double gate valve has the following characteristics:

A. Soft seal gate valve body, valve cover with precision casting method, a molding, the basic non-mechanical processing, do not use sealed copper ring, saving non-ferrous metals.

B. Soft seal gate valve at the bottom of no pits, no accumulation of slag, gate valve opening and closing failure rate is low.

C. Soft seal lined valve plate size uniform, interchangeable.

So the soft seal gate valve will be a form of willingness to use the water industry. At present, the domestic manufacturing of soft seal gate diameter of 1500mm, but most manufacturers make caliber in the 80-300mm, the domestic manufacturing process there are many problems, it is learned that a valve manufacturer in Shanghai is commissioned by the domestic casting plant with resin sand shape turned Cast, soft seal valve plate is imported from a foreign company. The company believes that the key components of the soft seal gate valve is lining rubber plate, and rubber lining valve plate technical requirements are higher, foreign manufacturers are not all can be achieved, often from the quality of the factory to purchase assembly.