ISO5211 Top Flange Dimensions

- Nov 25, 2018-

While we talking about triple offset butterfly valve with actuator operated, we can see description such as " F10 " " F12 " etc,. what does it mean? it's a kind of flange type, which is desription of connection dimention that valve top flange and actuator in a certain standard. 

The standard for the connection of part-turn valves and actuators, the international standard ISO5211 standard. Therefore, ISO5211 is the connection standard for valves and actuators.


There are stardard which indicate all dimensions for flange, take a example, it mentioned dimentions of flange in standard ANSI B16.5 & ANSI B16.47 , ISO 5211 include the dimension of part-turn valve top flange dimensions. below table is from ISO 5211 , which is detail dimension:

ISO 5211  连接尺寸

Here explain the each item in above table :

The Flange type is the top flange code we are talking about, usually referred to F10, F12. With the code name, the detail data / dimensions of the flange is fixed.
D1 is the outside diameter of the top flange, which is usually round. If it is a square bracket, this size can be ignored.
D2 is the outside diameter of the groove on the top flange. 
D3 is the diameter of bolt circle of top flange. 
D4 is the size of the screw thread of the installation. The bracket of the valve is generally made of through hole and is enlarged according to international standards.

H1 refers to the minimum depth of the groove.

H2 refers to the minimum depth of the hole.

The last item refers to the number of holes drilled.


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