Low Emission Valves

- Jul 02, 2018-

Low Emission Valves 

Valve fugitive emissions regulations are becoming more and more stringent in world wide government agencies 

focus on . Since according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, more than 60% of volatile organic

compound (VOC) emissions come from valves emissions.

If have to face this increasing regulations, customer may specilize these requirement when you send us the 

enquire, we shall use low fugitive emission valve design. ZFV valve low fugitive emission valve advantages as 

below :

1. Reduce harmful gases emissions by 95% versus valves with traditional packing. This increases personnel safety and reduces the effect on the environment.

2. Increase plant efficiency. Less leakage offers lower operating costs.


Be noted that the valve should be maintained in accordance with installation, operation and maintenance (IOM) guidelines, the low fugitive emissions valve technology is designed to provide long-lasting low emission performance.


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