Matching Application Of Pipeline Butterfly Valve And Actuator

- Jan 07, 2020-

Butterfly valves are now widely used, including industrial pipeline regulation, urban material pipeline transportation, and even some mechanical industries. And more and more butterfly valves and actuators are used together, here to introduce the use of electric actuators and butterfly valves as auxiliary devices.


The change of the city is more and more big, which is reflected by the city information and intelligence. Industrial pipeline is also developing towards intelligent, more and more electric devices are used, more and more butterfly valves operated by electric actuators are used, and there will be sensors or detection devices inside the electric actuators, which can better realize intelligent control.


Electric actuator and butterfly valve are used together, that is to say, there are many regulating valve devices used in fluid pipeline. By regulating butterfly valve, butterfly valve can realize automatic effect on medium flow regulation.


More and more butterfly valves and electric actuators are used together. The electric butterfly valve has a certain role in promoting the pipeline transmission medium, and the electric actuator is more convenient for the operation of the valve, which can better achieve various requirements.


Features of intelligent electric butterfly valve: mechatronic structure gradually replaces combined structure, intelligent control technology gradually replaces pure electronic control technology, with communication technology function gradually replaces without communication technology, digital control method gradually replaces traditional analog control method, and non-contact debugging technology of infrared remote control gradually replaces contact manual debugging technology.


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