Precautions While Replacing Of The Valve Gear Box

- Aug 28, 2018-

The valve gearbox is one of the most common actuators when operating the valve. When the valve is used in harsh environments or the operator is not working properly, the gearbox may be damaged. In this case, the worm gearbox needs to be replaced. What should we pay attention to? Zhejiang Zhengfeng Valve, which specializes in producing butterfly valves, provides you with the following precautions for your reference:

1. Replace the gearbox with the valve when valve is in close position.
2. In case the valve cannot be closed, the valve stem must be fixed to prevent the valve stem from flying out and falling into the valve body.
3. Replace according to the working conditions of the project site and the internal shape of the valve
4. Butterfly valve, ball valve have to be replaced the gear box when the valve is closed
5. The valve needs to disassemble the gear box after pressure relief
6. Combination products such as electric actuator need to reset the limit
7. Note that the direction of the key must match the angle of the gearbox key.


The above information is prepared by a professional butterfly valves, ball valves manufacturer, Zhejiang Zhengfeng Valve Co., Ltd., which you should pay attention to when replacing the worm gear box, hope to help you.


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