Protection Grade And Explosion-proof Grade Of Valve Actuators

- Oct 06, 2018-

Electric actuator operated valves are widely used in industrial production, we choose actuators with different IP protection grades and exposion-proof grades in different environments. here we see what is IP protection grades of actuator, what is explosion grade of actuator ? 


IP ( international protection ) protection grade of actuator indicate a grade of water-proof and dust-proof for electric equipment, general IP protection grade include IP 55, IP 65, IP 68, etc., here explain the means of this grade, take IP55 for example : IP is a mark "internation protection", first number 5 is a mark number, and 4 is a second mark number. The first mark number indicates contact protection and dust-proof protection level, and the second mark number indicates water-proof protection level. The higher the level, the more stringent the environment can be used.


Explosion-proof grade indicate different explosion-proof structure of electrical equipment in different explosive gas environment or hazardous areas . take this grade for example : ExdIIBT4, "EX" mean explosion-proof generic noun, "d" stands for explosion-proof, (first there are several places to pay attention to in this place: "d” stands for explosion-proof, “de” represents the main explosion-proof increase, “ed” represents the main increase in explosion-proof, “e” represents Zeng'an, the mark is different The practice is different).  "IIB" means explosion-proof grade (general grade is "IIB", "IIC" , intrinsic safety is "ia") "T4" means temperature grade (T1\T2\T3\T4\T5\T6), T4 represents 135 degrees.  


"IP protection grades" are different from "explosion grade of actuator", but if the environmental requirements are high IP protection grade electric equipment, then it is a harsh environment. At this time, the electric equipment is generally explosion-proof type.


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