The Applications That Butterfly Valve Used In Industrial Area

- Dec 23, 2019-

Triple offset butterfly valve can be used in high temperature, also can be  zero leakage, so the triple offset butterfly valve have better performance than concentric type butterfly valve and double eccentric butterfly valve. This is why this type butterfly valve is more widely used . Please see below some applications of triple offset butterfly valve in industrial area.


In large diameter pipeline, the cost of using stop valve is very high and very difficult to achieve zero leakage. In the case of emergency shutdown, it have to install a stop valve beside of the stop valve. Although v-ball valve can also achieve zero leakage shut-off, and adjustment, but the cost is also much higher than three eccentric butterfly valve. For example, the butterfly valve size larger than DN300 mm has gradually replaced the gate valve. Compared with gate valve, butterfly valve has the characteristics of short opening and closing time, small operating torque, small installation space and light weight. Taking dn1000mm as an example, weight of the butterfly valve is about 2T while the gate valve is about 35t. The butterfly valve is easy to be combined with various driving devices, and has good durability and reliability. Because of the remarkable advantages of triple offset butterfly valve compared with globe valve, ball valve and gate valve, triple eccentric butterfly valve has been successfully applied in many occasions of petrochemical industry.

2. For the cut-off and adjustment of the inlet pipeline of the flue gas turbine of the FCCU in each refinery, the process pipeline has a large diameter and the process medium with high-temperature flue gas (up to 750 ℃). The valve size of the domestic unit is up to DN1800mm, and the closing time of the hydraulic actuator is less than 05s.


Such as the inlet and outlet pipeline and vent valve of the main fan, The three eccentric butterfly valves are also widely used in the inlet and outlet pipes of the air compressor, the vent valve to the flare, the inlet and outlet of the oil slurry pump, and the adjustment and cut-off of various high, medium and low pressure steam pipelines.


Liquefied petroleum gas is very easy to leak, so it should not only meet the needs of large circulation capacity but also avoid leakage. It is more reliable to use three eccentric butterfly valve on the main line of its tank inlet and outlet. In addition, three eccentric butterfly valve with steam jacket is currently used for liquid sulfur transported in molten state in sulfur recovery unit.


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