The Differences Between Cryogenic Valve And General Valve

- Oct 17, 2018-

A cryogenic valve is a valve that can be used under low temperature conditions, the valve with a working temperature lower than -46 degrees Celsius is usually called cryogenic valve. The valve which be used above temperature -46 Celsius is called general valve. 


The working environment of the cryogenic valve is quite different from that of the general-purpose valve. In the design and manufacture inspection process of the cryogenic valve, in addition to the general rules, special attention should be paid to the following points:


1.Choose a proper valve material based on minimum operating temperature and working medium.

2.Use a reasonable valve structure, especially to prevent abnormal pressure rise of the valve structure, to ensure good sealing performance

3.All cryogenic valve components must be cryogenically treated prior to finishing 

4.Normal temperature hydraulic test and low temperature test as required to verify the operation and sealing performance of the valve at low temperature