The Situation Of Valve Industry In Wenzhou China And Its Future Development

- Dec 13, 2020-

The situation of valve industry in Wenzhou City China and its future development


China's valve industry started late, but developed rapidly. At present, there are some shortcomings in some conveniences. If we improve these in the future, we will make greater progress.


1  The industrial structure is unreasonable and there is overcapacity in some products


Valve industry after years of rapid development, industrial capacity expansion. Although the total demand is expanding, the supply capacity of some types of valves is far greater than the demand. For example, ball valve, gate valve, globe valve and other types of products are the same, the competition is more and more fierce. In the future, we can do more market research and try to produce according to the market demand.


2 The ability of independent innovation is weak and the product quality is not high

Japanese enterprises completely eliminate fluid mechanics and install a throttle valve inside the faucet to control the flow of water and prevent water from splashing on clothes. The unit price of such a faucet can be more than 10000 yuan. However, it is difficult for Chinese enterprises to produce faucets of the same quality. Chinese enterprises should strengthen technological innovation, pay more attention to the pursuit of quality, and promote the sound development of China's valve industry.

3  Lack of world famous brands and multinational enterprises


At present, in China's valve industry, many valve enterprises are lack of innovation, have no independent intellectual property rights products, do not have their own brand products, only satisfied with the production of products according to market demand. In order to develop Chinese valve enterprises and cope with the fierce competition in the international market, enterprises, especially those large enterprises, should try their best to improve their popularity in the world valve industry.

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