The Transformation Of Production Mode Of Valve Industry

- Nov 02, 2017-

In the past, China's valve industry mainly to intensive development mode, but with the development of economic globalization, in order to make our valve business "going out" in the international valve industry occupies a place, it must change the existing The development model.

At present, the development of the valve industry imperative, in addition to learning to improve the valve-related technology, but also need to other areas of advanced technology used in valve products, such as mechanical and electrical integration technology, remote control technology, this can make a significant increase in product performance, Innovation, improve the supporting capacity of equipment to improve the market competitiveness of the valve, the domestic valve industry gradually get rid of the import situation.

Therefore, in order to get rid of this red bad situation, the valve manufacturers that need to implement the "four changes", that is, the industry will rely mainly on the scale of the past to expand and increase the number of extensive development model, mainly to rely on scientific and technological progress and improve product quality and level As the focus of the lean mode of development changes, from the introduction of digestion and absorption of international advanced technology-based development model to the introduction of digestion and absorption and improve the ability of independent innovation and development model change; from the skills-based industry characteristics to the technical And modern enterprise management-oriented changes in the characteristics of the industry; vigorously promote the innovation-driven development, and actively cultivate and develop new growth points.