TOTAL And SHELL Is Going To Develop LNG In Oman

- Jun 04, 2018-

According to a company briefing, Total and the Oman government signed a memorandum of understanding to develop natural gas resources on their territory, including upstream and downstream companies.

Total and Shell are going to develop several natural gas discoveries in the Greater Barrick region based on the agreement between the two companies and before the potential state delisting, with 25% and 75% of the shares, respectively. It is an initial natural gas production of approximately 500 million cubic feet per day and is expected to reach 1 billion cubic feet per day in the later period.
Total will use its share of natural gas rights as raw material to develop a regional center for LNG refueling services in Oman to supply LNG as a fuel for ships. This will be achieved as a new small modular liquefaction plant will be built at Sohar Port. The plant will include approximately 1 million tons of trains per year and will provide the expanded flexibility needed for the development of the LNG refueling market.

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