Triple Offset Butterfly Valve And AWWA Butterfly Valve

- Oct 28, 2019-

Butterfly valves are used for preventing and isolating the flow in indusctrial sections. The valve is easy to use and quickly to stopping the service. The valve are widely used because of its low cost and light weight. There are differents types of butterfly valves in market to meet different conditions.


Triple offset butterfly valve is main type available in market. The valve can be used in high tempearture & high pressure & partical service condition.


Beside triple offset butterfly valve, concentric butterfly valve AWWA type is also widely used too, which provide a easy handling and cost-effective solutions to customer. The AWWA butterfly valve has its limitation that the valve is not suitale for high temperature and high pressure , due to the rubber seat .


AWWA Butterfly Valve have to meet the standards and norms of AWWA standard C504. the body inner surface is lined by rubber such as EPDM, NBR etc  and the disc is coated by painting. the AWWA butterfly valve does not leak, due to their special lining / coating desgin. The AWWA butterfly valve also won’t damage by corrosion , because it’s rubber seat and painting are anti-corrosive .


AWWA butterfly valve seats incorporated on the disc of valves can be removed, replaced and adjusted easily. These butterfly valves are very flexible and can be adjusted in every possible direction.


Their valve seats are manufactured in way that permits replacement and removal easily at the time of installation. If it will not manufactured like this then every time this butterfly valve will go to repair and become a burden on the owner.


The AWWA butterfly valve can be installed in pipeline regardless of the direction of the fluid, the edge of the discs will always be little bit upstream which is good in worst conditions.


Different type of material is available so that it can deliver best. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Such as carbon steel is preferably used to manufacture the valve because it provide cost-effective solutions. Carbon steel has one major disadvantage that it easily get corroded. But this can be overcome easily by painting its surface. Different stainless steel is available in market such as austenitic, duplex, ferritic and many more.


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