Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Can Be Used In Critical Services

- Jun 21, 2018-

The triple offset butterfly valve production in world wide range is keeping to improve . Till now we can see high quality triple-offset butterfly valve that controls flow, optimizes flow coefficients, and maintains a low pressure drop in critical process applications, in world market.  


The triple offset butterfly valve is a bubble-tight according to American Petroleum Institute (API) 598 , providing 0 leakage shutoff in high-temperature applications, hydrocarbon using, and emergency shutdown services, etc. .


The triple offset butterfly valve has a design that optimized seat angle and cobalt-chromium alloy valve body seat , which maximum extend the life of the seal and improve abrasion resistance. Stem packing sealing controls fugitive emissions well under extreme thermal cycling, reducing potential downtime. Since this special torque-seated valve can self-adjusts, so it can evenly distribute seal compression to improve performance .


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