Triple Offset Butterfly Valve With Bare Shaft

- Nov 04, 2018-

Operation type of butterfly valve include lever and gearbox type, pneumatic actuator type, electric actuator type, hydraustatic actuator type etc. Sometimes end user indicated actuator & gear box, so we can provide triple offset butterfly valve bare shaft type with top flange, customer may install the actuator by themself. 


Gearbox operation is kind of merchanic way to open and close valve, the gear transmission valve utilizes gears of two gears to mesh with each other to transmit mechanical power and mechanical transmission. The valve device uses direct and passive transmission of gears and power from the main and driven gears. 


Gearbox butterfly valve is more labor-saving than lever operation butterfly valve. So it should choose gearbox for larger diameter and higher pressure valve. Take API triple offset butterfly valve as example: ANSI 150# butterfly valve, 2’’ ~ 6’’ valve can be lever operation, it should be gearbox operation for butterfly valve 8’’ and larger size valve. 

ZFV provide differents type valve manual operated, pneumatic actuator operated, electric actuator operated etc .