Triple Offset Metal To Metal Seat Butterfly Valve

- Jul 17, 2018-

ZFValves research and develop metal bracelet butterfly valve (also known as all-metal seal butterfly valve) after years to overcome the the various shortcomings of ordinary Triple offset metal to metal seat butterfly valve, the salient features are: 

1. sealing ring entirely made of metal , There is no PTFE, graphite, rubber, asbestos and other non-metallic materials , in condition that the valve in full open or partially open, the seal ring will not damage caused by high-speed fluid erosion, which greatly improved valve using life.

2. Use all the metal materials for sealing part, can be suitable to high temperature (≤ 800 ℃), low temperature (≥-196), high pressure(≤ PN260 / Class 1500), corrosive and other harsh conditions.

At present, we can produce three eccentric metal seated butterfly valve, specifications range DN80-500, NPS3-20, pressure range PN6-25,150LB-300LB.

In case the pipeline pressure is higher, the media flow become faster, valve disc is partially open or all open state, the high-speed fluid on the seal ring in disc produce a positive erosion, which cause sealing ring on the non-metallic sandwich wear and even fall off, Greatly affect the valve sealing performance. When the pipe medium is corrosive, the sealing ring on the non-metallic interlayer vulnerable to corrosion of the media, causing the valve seal surface leakage.