Valve Actuator - ZFV

- Dec 25, 2017-

ZFV butterfly valve  can be operated by manual lever, manual handwheel with gear, pneumatic actuator, electric actuaor, hydrostatic actuator and so on.

A valve actuator is the mechanism to open and close a valve. Power-operated actuators may use gas pressure, hydraulic pressure or electricity, allow a valve to be adjusted remotely, by the additional actuator part such as switches or other way; or allow rapid operation of a large dimension valve. The actuator is generally the final important elements of an automaic control loop to regulate certain gas flow, liqid flow or other process .

‍‍‍‍A valve actuator ‍‍‍ is connected to valve top flange. if customer do not have their further requirement, multi-turn valve shall be produced according to standard ISO5210, part-turn valve according to standard ISO5211. Butterfly valve belong to part-turn valve.

ZFV provide valve with top flange standard ISO5210, 5211, which is international standard, world wide actuator manufacturers comply to these standard. customer may match actuator ( manmal , pneumatic , electric, hydraustic type ) according to to standard dimension. Just in case, it's better customer confirm top flange dimension or standard before purchase valve from ZFV.

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