Valve Suspending Painting Line Works Well

- Mar 10, 2019-

ZFV valve company had a brand new susbending painting line , which can provide butterfly valve with better apperance and more invironment protecting purpose. 

The new susbending paiting line was already adjusted well and out into works . 

All ZFV butterfly valves painting are proceeding as per specifications : 

1- After the hydro pressure test of the valve is completed, the water in the valve chamber should be washed out with an air gun. The painter cleans the oil, grease and dirt inside and outside of the valve with a cleaning agent. Protect well valve parts wich do not need to paint before applying painting .            

2- Open the paint bucket and read the instructions carefully.            

3- If there is no special requirement, usually brush prime coating with paint brush, the direction of painting is from top to bottom, from left to right. The back of the three flanges of the valve, and bottom of valve body must be coated evenly, and the end flange must be coated evenly. Flange seals area should not be painted.            

4- Prime coating can be painted by hand, and other coatings can be sprayed by spray gun. After the prime is dried, the prime to be trimmed is repaired smoothly and smoothly with sand cloth (sandpaper).            

5- After Prime coating is finished, then apply the finishing coating. If the guest has no special requirements, the finishing coating color is silver gray. When spraying with spray gun, it should move parallel to and from to ensure the uniform thickness of the paint film at all parts. After brushing the paint, wipe off the sealing surfaces at both ends of the flange, and then coat the sealing surfaces with antirust oil. Then the anti-rust paint is sprayed into the valve body cavity.            

6- If the guest specifies the type and process of the painting , paint should be according to the specified color, method and thickness of the paint.

painting 1

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