Vessel Autodocking Succesfully First Time Worldwide

- May 14, 2018-

Norled company from Norway have vessel named “Folgefonn” which is the first vessel in world equiped with “autodocking system”.

“Folgefonn” vessel is 83M length, by hybrid electric power, already finished docking test in April 2018 successfully, this test last three month,during testing vessel dock successfully without any operation by captian.

As per autodocking system design, it shall be activated when vessel is 2000M far from destination port, then the system slow down vessel, start on docking operation automaticly, till vessel dock in port safely.

All operation can be done by this system automaticly, however, sailor can stop the program and control the vessel in any time. This system takes advantages: improve security; reduce human error; improve docking efficiency.

Zhejiang Zhengfeng valve