Wafer Butterfly Valve Installation - ZFV

- Jan 08, 2018-


ZFV provide wafer type butterfly valve. Here explain how to install wafer butterfly valve to pipeline. Please refer to above photo,  the blue color valve between two white color flangs is wafer butterfly valve, which is installed in pipeline, the flange diameter of bolt circle is need to comply to valve flange drilling.

There are four flange holes include upper flange hole and down flange hole, but there are more than 4 holes for flange on piple line. Because distance of different holes of butterfly valve is same as pipeline flange, so that butterfly valve can in be installed to pipeline, by bolts which is throught both valve hole and pipeline flange hole.

There are different wafer butterfly valves since different manufacturers' design, and there are two type for holes of valve. the one is through hole, the other is screw hole, different ways to install them to pipe line:

1. installation for through hole valve. same as above picture. carry the long stud to go through one side flange , wafer butterfly valve, and other side flange hole, fix the lone stud by nuts. process same for all flange holes.

2. installation for screw hole valve. carry short stud to go through one side flange hole to valve screw hole, fix the stud by nut next to flange; carry short stud to go throught other side flange hole to vlave screw holes, fix the stud by nut next to flange. process same for all flange holes.  

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